Why ServiceNow “Security Operations” is important for organizations?

Too many types of security alerts created by multiple SIEM tools? Are you facing the shortage of expert cybersecurity personnel and automated platform in your organization? Read how Secops may be the solution for your problems.

Useful debugging scripts for service portal

This article contains several useful scripts for troubleshooting in service portal. All of these are intended to be used from the javascript console in your browser’s dev tools Anywhere you see $0, this is the element currently selected in the elements panel of the browser. By selecting a div with […]

Discovery Behaviours

Behaviours are specific instructions for discovery schedules to follow. Behaviours are a powerful tool to provide for It’s the best practice to utilize Behaviours for only Protocol Selection. By implementing clustering, one can achieve LOAD balancing of MID Servers which includes failover. Domain Awareness is accomplished by using Windows Credentials […]

LDAPS in servicenow using mid server

LDAP is a good way to have your user provisioning in ServiceNow. This helps you to maintain user data in one source where it can be accessed by multiple applications. To transfer the user data securely, ServiceNow supports LDAP via the MID Server. LDAPS is also supported if it is […]

Calendar in Service Portal

To create widget with an event calendar we’re going to use FullCalendar (jQuery plugin). Full description and documentation you can find here: FullCalendar

Software Asset Management on Service Now- Part 04

In this blog; we will see the challenges of Oracle DB license management and how ServiceNow could help to maintain the same using SAM. Oracle creates more than 3000 products over several applications. In this blog we will talk only about Database Software wherein it is the market leader! We […]

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