Enhancements in Jakarta’s Service Portal

So, Jakarta has been released and I hope that all are getting their hands dirty exploring it. Also, Service Portal is taking more hype and people are even more excited to work on it. Here is the consolidated list of things that have been modified/included in Jakarta SP version. User […]

Contextual Search in Service Portal

In SN, Contextual Search is a very powerful object. It allows us to help end users to deflect or quickly resolve their issues without involving the service desk operators. To enable that, we have to use Jelly (Service-Now native object) which it is not compatible with Service Portal. To resolve this, SN […]

Experience Wow at Work!

We all are no stranger to great user experience the B2C applications – web, and mobile apps – have on offer to us. From Uber to Ola, from Amazon to Flipkart, we love the online and app experience so much that we expect the same when at work. Click 1, […]

Custom Gauge – 101

In this Custom Gauge – 101 series, we will learn “How to make custom Gauge”. After creating we will place that gauge on our incident form and bind it with an integer field so that, gauge value can change dynamically. Impressive UI – Custom Gauge To start this, we will need: UI Scripts […]

Jelly in ServiceNow UI – 101

Well, Jelly is a tool for turning XML into executable code. It is a Java and XML based scripting and processing engine. ServiceNow uses Jelly to render web pages. ServiceNow actually has enhanced it to add even more capabilities. So, Question arise, Why Jelly, why not just plain simple HTML? […]

SACM – ServiceNow

The most important pillars of ITIL® is the traditional Configuration Management. In ITIL® V3 it’s known as Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM). If it’s not implemented, the entire service management life-cycle can be rendered useless. Let’s discuss the basics of this process. Overview  Every service contains layers of components. Those […]

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