Whenever SAM Processes are involved; the complexity comes with different licensing metrics and Licensing Models! Imagine Microsoft uses CAL (Client Access Licenses), user, device, subscription licenses for different products. IBM on the other hand uses PVU (Processor Value Units), user, core licenses for different products and so on. All of […]

Importance of MetricBase

MetricBase is included in Now platform in Jakarta.This feature allows ServiceNow customers to collect, retain, analyze and visualize measurable data from any source or combination of sources on the Now Platform. It consumes and processes vast volumes of time series data and enables organizations to accelerate business decisions and actions […]

Software Asset Management on Service Now- Part 02

ServiceNow offers 3 flavours of Software Asset Management viz. ITSM Software Asset Management, Software Asset Management Foundation, and the latest one Software Asset Management Professional. Migration activities would be required to migrate from ITSM Software Asset Management to the latest Professional Plugin; in addition, the professional plugin must be activated […]

Agent Intelligence

ServiceNow Agent Intelligence provides customers access to a patented machine learning engine that further categorizes, routes, and assigns work in order to automate processes based on the unique characteristics of each customer. Why is it important? As workplaces are getting more digitized and more IOT solutions are coming into picture, […]

ServiceNow Software Asset Management – Part 01

Software Asset Management also called as SAM is the practice of purchasing, assigning, and distributing software licenses, along with continuous monitoring of software consumption / usage to assure compliance. At the very basic level the process tries to match software rights purchased to the software installed. This all may seem […]

Enhancements in Jakarta’s Service Portal

So, Jakarta has been released and I hope that all are getting their hands dirty exploring it. Also, Service Portal is taking more hype and people are even more excited to work on it. Here is the consolidated list of things that have been modified/included in Jakarta SP version. User […]

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