Enhancements in Jakarta’s Service Portal

Enhancements in Jakarta’s Service Portal

So, Jakarta has been released and I hope that all are getting their hands dirty exploring it. Also, Service Portal is taking more hype and people are even more excited to work on it. Here is the consolidated list of things that have been modified/included in Jakarta SP version.

  • User Criteria

  • Contextual Search Source

  • Glide-List instance option

  • Shopping Cart

  • Filter Builder

User Criteria

  • Control user access to pages, widgets, widget instances, and search sources on a more granular level than user roles
  • User roles are automatically migrated to user criteria upon upgrade.
  • Separate plugin “com.glide.service-portal.user-criteria” for portal
  • How to configure: Go to Instance Option ⇒ platform view ⇒ User criteria Related list, you will find something like below

Contextual Search Source

  • Source from where you want to pull data in the instance options of a search widget
  • How to Configure: Go to Typehead Search Widget Instance Option ⇒ In the Contextual Search Sources, define your search source. Screen will be something like below

Glide-List instance option

  • New widget option type to select more than one table(specially on data table widget)
  • How to Configure: Go to Widget Editor and open any widget ⇒ Open option schema ⇒ Create new option and in type drop-down you will find Glide-List type.

Shopping Cart

  • Now, users have more option to manage their cart items
  • Improved Concept of Bundle: one can add a saved bundle to an open cart, or override the existing items in the cart with the saved bundle
  • Item replacement is available
  • Clear cart option is available

Filter Builder

  • Filter result of table for end-user in the Data table from URL definition widget to create more complex table searches
  • Filter is actually platform UI condition builder
  • How to Configure: Go to DataTable instance option ⇒ check enable filter checkbox
  • Great for desktop version but not for mobile (will be enhanced in later releases)


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