Experience Wow at Work!

Experience Wow at Work!

We all are no stranger to great user experience the B2C applications – web, and mobile apps – have on offer to us. From Uber to Ola, from Amazon to Flipkart, we love the online and app experience so much that we expect the same when at work. Click 1, Click 2 or Tap 1, Tap 2, we are done. In a few seconds, we place the request for what we want. No sweat!

Let’s step into our office space, and become employees who are requesting services. We have an online application for everything – HR, Finance, GRC, Help Desk, Sales, Marketing, etc. – you name it, and we have it. Each one of them has their own unique user experience to offer, their own service providers, their own workflows, and if we are lucky these applications talk to each other.

If nothing works, we have emails, phone calls. And we love emails don’t we. Always better to write an email about what we want, than to click, type, and shriek in agony when using archaic applications built to serve us. Well, if no one replies, we can always call, if called the wrong person, get the contact of the right person, and call, and call some more.

According to the ServiceNow whitepaper – State of Work Report 2016 – available on their website, Workplace Services Lag Far Behind the Consumer Services workers are used to. According to the survey from ResearchNow on which this paper is based, Only 30% of the managers request for services online. And this is based on the survey conducted in Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, the U.S. and the U.K. We can imagine what would be the state of affairs in developing economies.

What could be the reasons behind manager not going online to request services? After I read through the report, here’s what I definitely concur with:

  • Manual Workplace Services Deliver a Poor Front-End Experience [Yes, we do not have Amazon, and Uber like applications for sure.]
  • Difficult to find the service one needs, and in case we are lucky to find, well the forms run into several pages if printed.
  • Not all services are online, can access only when inside, on the outside, forget it
  • Accessing all of these services on the mobile, well that would be termed too demanding
  • Backend fulfillment Process is a drag  [Appropriate assignment, capacity utilization, and turn-around times often make us switch to emails, and phones]
  • Status of our request [Well, we do get to know it’s shuttling from one department to another, but when should we get it delivered to us, no one cares to share]

No guesses on how much productivity, and efficiency is lost. There is obviously less time for strategic initiatives, and ultimate outcome is stress.

At inMorphis, we are using ServiceNow to transform our employees’ experience. We are making it easy and enjoyable to get work done at inMorphis as it is to consume Services from Amazon, Uber, Flipkart, and Ola. ServiceNow has given us the flexibility to design, build, and deliver Services to our associates which are at par with what most B2C Websites, and Apps have on offer. Are we there yet for all functions, answer is we are getting there, we know we can, and very soon with ServiceNow we will.

Experience Wow Now with inMorphis!

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